Tim’s Bucket List: 72 Things I’m Trying to Do

Hold a Plant

Many things other people are aiming to do in their lives I have no interest in. Here is what I’d like to squeeze in:

1. Learn to play the guitar. And then write and sing a catchy song.

DONE 2. Help build a community centre,  a school or homes for poor people. Done. I took a team of 27 students and 2 other teachers to Vietnam last year and we built 4 homes. 

3. Throw a party on a tropical island. I’d like to go somewhere really out there, like French Polynesia.

4. Write a book that I’m proud to recommend.

5. Visit 100 countries. In my 20’s I was making a lot of progress on this one. So far the countries I’ve lived in or spent a decent amount of time in number about 56: Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Barbados, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Eqypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, England, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Rwanda, Saint Lucia, Slovenia, St Kitts and Nevis, Spain, Scotland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, the UAE, Uganda, United States, Vatican City, and Vietnam.

6. Become semi-fluent in 5 languages (Be able to have a 5 minute conversation in each of them). 

DONE? 7. Go to the Olympics. I attended the first ever Youth Olympic Games, which was held in Singapore (August 2010), but I’m not sure if that counts. 

8. Volunteer after a natural disaster

9. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

DONE 10. Run a marathon. DONE! I ran the Toronto marathon with my friend Peter Noseworthy and finished in the more-or-less-adequate-for-an-unfit-guy time of 4 hours and 15 minutes. But, never again.

11. Paint an abstract painting that looks expensive (or at least looks good). Update: taking some art lessons, one Saturday a month.

12. Give a nearly perfect speech and/or get a standing ovation

DONE 13. Scuba dive somewhere amazing. Bettina and I went to Fiji and found a guy who let me scuba dive alone through caves and coral. He didn’t tell me he was going to abandon me down there, but it’s hard to argue with a guy using only scuba sign language, 30 feet under water.

14. Be acknowledged or thanked in a book. … Anyone?

15. Fly a plane

16. Build a piece of furniture.  

17. Host a fun family reunion

18. Kite surf. I’ve done this. but I’m not counting it yet, because I failed pretty awesomely. It was fun though. I’d love to be great at kite surfing.

DONE 19. Walk across a country. April 20, 2013 I walked across Singapore. Here’s the video I made at the end.

20. Run for a government office. I’m not saying I’d like to win, but one of my history teachers at Fort Frances High School convinced me that everyone should do this.  

DONE 21. Help on a sustainable building project. Costa Rica, 2002.

22. Raise $10,000 for a good cause. Update: Some some baby-steps toward this one. We’ve started to get involved in Kiva, making small donations/loans to aspiring small-business owners in developing countries.

23. Cook a romantic five-course dinner for my wife

24. Go on a week-long sailing trip

Penquins25. Fly or boat to Antarctica

26. Build (and sleep overnight in) a hut made of sticks and leaves

27. Help to change a law

28. Do an orienteering race

29. Raise a chicken

30. Have a vegetable garden

31. Build a real wood oven and make my own pizza in it. 

32. Swim with sharks

33. Spend a night in the outback

34. Plant 1000 2600 trees. This is apparently the number that would make up for my carbon footprint.

35. Either build my dream house or transform a house in a dream house. Something really calm, with a reflecting pool, a room to write in, and a bed with a view of the water. 

36. Make a fire the old fashioned way –the really old fashioned way, by rubbing sticks together.

37. Read the Bible, Quran, the Bhagavad Gita, the Egyptian Book of the Dead (though that sounds kind of depressing) and Mao’s Little Red Book Update: So far I have read the Bible.

38. Skydive (DONE!) and bungee jump

39. Make my own maple syrup

40. Learn to spit fire and do it myself. Probably just once though.

41. Fly over the Grand Canyon. I’ve heard you maybe can’t do this any more, but hopefully I can.

42. Ride in a fighter jet. Apparently in Russia and South Africa go can ride in old fighter jets, but it’s slightly on the pricey side.

43. Swim with a whale

44. Visit Machu Picchu and the Taj Mahal (DONE) We visited the Taj Mahal April, 2010.

45. Go hang gliding and paragliding

46. Ride in a hot air balloon

47. Make a piece of pottery. I almost did this in Belgium, but the piece didn’t work out. 

48. Learn to make a pot of chili that’s so good people find themselves at a loss for words and in awe

49. Skate in that rink outside Rockefeller Centre at Christmas time and sing a carol

50. Surf decently

51. Swim with dolphins

52. Do some original, serious research that really helps people. 

53. Do a fire walk

54. Visit Victoria Falls (which I believe is somewhere on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe)

55. Go to Disney World or Disney Land (or Euro Disney). 

Northen Ontario

56. Ride the scariest roller coaster in the world. I’m not sure where this is. I’ve heard Michigan has some good ones.

57. Bring attention to a worthy stranger (i.e. see that a good person gets a prize they deserve)

DONE 58. Mentor someone.

59. Hit a home run in a baseball game again. (Last time I played I struck out more times than I hit the ball. Not cool. Really not cool actually.

60. Rebuild an engine

DONE 61. Get a free upgrade to first class. The lovely people at Delta graciously upgraded us on our honeymoon. Try it. And fly Delta! 😉

62. Go a week without electricity, maybe on a canoe trip in Northern Ontario, or maybe on a sailing trip somewhere warm. 

63. Spend at least a week boating (and snorkelling) around various islands in the Caribbean. Barbados looks incredible.

64. Ice Fish.

DONE 65. Go deep sea fishing. I did this in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. February, 2010.

66. Take a capoeira lesson

67. Start and develop a successful small business.

68. Drive a dog sled. 

69. Ride in a real glider

70. Make my own wood oven (by hand) and then cook some pizzas in it. Yum.

71. Go on a hot air balloon ride.

72. Go Wing Walking (standing on the top of a flying plane). What could go wrong?

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38 Responses to Tim’s Bucket List: 72 Things I’m Trying to Do

  1. Bincy says:

    Spend 1 day absolutely alone talking to no one, listening to no one(no video, no audio too) 🙂

  2. lonelyoldman7 says:

    this bucketlist brings back good memories…… like the time i had sex with four homeless men under a freeway

  3. horndog12 says:

    Hey sasscat69!! we shud meet up sumwhere?

  4. B1GN1GG69 says:

    Ive literally done all of this. Lick my nuts

  5. horndog12 says:

    Hey sassycat! where do you live

  6. SassyCat69 says:

    Hey man! I think your philosophy is super! I look forward to being like you in the recent future. Hey maybe one day you could mentor me 😉 ….and ur wife

  7. Vivon says:

    Good post, well put together. Thanks. I will be back soon to check out for updates. Cheers!

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  9. TerriW says:

    Let me know if you need help with fundraising ideas, I have helped 43 people raise over $178,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters. 

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  15. Wanglaoma2009 says:

    just enjoyable

  16. Twood says:

    Hi – re biking across Canada – my name is Tim Wood and I biked across Canada in 1989. Interesting that another was apparently doing it this past summer. Would love to hear from either of you.

  17. Twoods416 says:

    Hey my name is Tim Woods and I am biking across Canada right now!!

  18. Kham says:

    Here is a great site that I made to create, manage and share you bucket list with friends and family.


    Check it out.

  19. Tim Woods says:

    Great goals. Pretty cool that you wrote a novel at 13!

    You might want to check our Pimsleur for your language goal. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pimsleur_language_… I'm using their French lessons now and they're excellent.

  20. Tim Woods says:

    We definitely will! There's a Canadian couple on our Travel Channel who sail around the world constantly. I'd love to do that for a couple of years.

  21. Kathryn says:

    Hey team! Great list. You inspired me to write my own:

  22. JayC says:

    If you're looking for company on that sailing trip. You know how to get ahold of us.

    • Tim Woods says:

      We definitely will! There's a Canadian couple on our Travel Channel who sail around the world constantly. I'd love to do that for a couple of years.

  23. This is so nice, I gave 10/10.

  24. This is so nice, I gave 10/10.

  25. nick says:

    18. Kite surf.

    The two best places to learn Kiteboarding: Cape Hatteras North Carolina at REAL. And Maui Hawaii. I live in Maui and work for Cabrinha kiteboarding. If you want to come ride sometime let me know. You can get lessons here and I can get you gear to try.

    * I'm trying to convince Ferris to come down here to Maui again. He LOVES hana.

  26. Kirsty says:

    Nice list! I like a bunch of those… might steal some. 🙂 Here's my list: http://www.nerdynomad.com/99-things/

  27. Alicia Elliott says:

    63. Explore Toronto, and contemplate (very seriously) moving there…no pressure. Actually, this is multi-media pressure…can't wait for your visit!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for adding your 2 (Canadian) cents worth Lish. You have good ideas. 🙂 We can’t wait to visit either.

      As far as moving, I’ll have my people call your people.

  28. timwoods says:

    Nice one. There is something so compelling about that kind of American experience. –singing in the seventh inning stretch, looking around and feeling like that whole stadium is your family. I like that one.

    I like your other ones as well. I was actually thinking of the deep sea fishing one too. Hmmm. Let me know if you need someone to do that one with when you get around to it. 🙂

    • Maureen Kaplan says:

      Hey Tim…I really enjoyed your list of things you would like to do. I am so totally impressed that you have been to 60+ countries already. I've been to 3. Can I tell you which ones I have accomplished from your list and then I'll add an idea…#12, 14, 17, 26 (ok does a tree house count – not really made of leaves but I lived in a tree house with a tarp for a roof for one week during girl scout camp!, 29, 30, 31 – again girl scout camp, 36 (uhmm…girl scouts- there seems to be a theme here), 39 (yes gs again), 47, 48, 55, 58(does that include being a parent?!), 61…no comment!, 62…see #26.

      Ok now something I would like to do that I've never done is to ride in a subway as I have never had the opportunity.

  29. Matt Hickling says:

    Here's one that I've done…that you might enjoy as well. Take a foreigner to Fenway Park to experience American culture and explain baseball. As for one I haven't….visit every national park/national historic site in Canada and the US. Hike the Appalachian Trail. Go deep sea fishing Hemingway-style. Yeah…those would be on my list. Cheers!

    • timwoods says:

      Nice one. There is something so compelling about that kind of American experience. –singing in the seventh inning stretch, looking around and feeling like that whole stadium is your family. I like that one.

      I like your other ones as well. I was actually thinking of the deep sea fishing one too. Hmmm. Let me know if you need someone to do that one with when you get around to it. 🙂

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