How to Meet All of the Theory of Knowledge Essay Requirements

As you write (before and during your writing, and then again when you edit) touch base with the grading criteria. You can find that document here, a. Make sure you understand them and then make an effort to adjust your essay so they match the criteria.

ToK expert Richard van de Lagemaat  has done a really great job of summarizing the criteria with this table:
and to remember these, he has also created a mnemonic, “the 4 C’s”: A, B, C, and D roughly stand for Content, Creativity, Critical thinking and Clarity. Let me expand on these:

CONTENT (A): Show thinking about the knowledge issues

CREATIVITY (B): Show individual/personal insights, that you can think for yourself

CRITICAL THINKING (C): Show thinking about arguments and counter-arguments, that you not only understand the theory involved, but also the weaknesses of these theories.

CLARITY (D): Show that you have done a great job editing your essay; you have structured it so well that it’s easy to understand and accurate

Keep these in your mind as you write.

You might also enjoy reading this “Tok Essay Marking Criteria Introduction” from ToK Talk

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