The site is getting over 800,000 views a year (300-4000 people every day), resulting in almost 2 million page views so far. So, help streamline everything for you, this is a central resource page with links to my most popular stuff.

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Facebook groups
Join our Facebook groups, for teachers, students and parents

Teacher resources
Why student wellness matters and how to do it right.
How to get your students to change their habits. Insights on how to create new habits (from research).
A list of knowledge issues for different subjects compiled by teachers at the Overseas Family School

Theory of Knowledge resources
The ToK Essay Mastery Course on IBMastery
How to structure the TOK presentation
The (insanely popular) TOK Essay Structure
How to make a good TOK essay Great. Upgrade your work.
The Top 10 Good TOK Essay tips
The basics of how your essay is marked (Making sense of the rubric).
A Downloadable Essay Outline (PDF worksheet)

Economics resources
The (Foolproof) Econ Essay Structure. Get full marks in the time allowed.
99 Great Economics resources Podcasts, Research Sources, Advice pages, etc.
 And a series on mastering the Economics IA:
Part 1 Getting started (Choosing an Appropriate Article)
Part 2 How to Structure the Economics IA
Part 3 Making a Good Economics IA Great

Business and Management resources
The Business EE Mastery Course on IBMastery
How to Structure Your IB Business and Management IA
How to Evaluate in IB Business and Management
An IB Business and Management IA Outline

Extended Essay resources
My four steps to help you choose a perfect EE question (How to get started).
Advanced Extended Essay Tips. Making an already good EE great.

General Advice for Students
IB Course Choice Advice on IBMastery
What students should know about differentiation
Advice for writing amazing college application essays and statements   (Quite useful!)
Tips for raising your grades
How to manage your time
How to take killer notes
How to cite your sources
How to sound like an expert (in your writing).
How to master any field What you need to know about deliberate practice.

Personal Finance resources
My advice on preparing for retirement

And of course there are always new resources on the blog…

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  1. Tim Woods says:

    I would definitely advise you listen to your in-school supervisor. There are lots of reasons an RQ might not work for you, and your school supervisor will have more insights about your work than I will.

    I’d also suggest trying to get to a really focused (shorter) title. Good luck!

  2. john says:

    i luv ya bruh

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  4. IB Student from the Bronx (NYC says:

    Thank you so much 4 your tips, your making my senior year as an IB student so much more easier

  5. IB Economics Student says:

    You are an absolute lifesaver, you have given me another outlook on Economics and have immensely prepared me for my IB Exam

  6. IB Student Australia says:

    Thank you Tim for this website. It’s a gold mine! It has really given me the clarity and steps in things which I previously didn’t have. A definite bookmark for the coming year!

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