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  1. rich says:

    Are you available for remote IB tutoring? Or editing?
    Thank you.

  2. Tim Woods says:

    Thanks Lav. I’ve fixed that now. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks so much for letting me know about that problem.

  3. Tim Woods says:

    Hi Carlos, unfortunately it’s hard for me to tell if that question would work for you. I’d need to ask you questions like: What information are you going to have access to? How are you going to use that information? What tools do you expect to use? How will those tools help you to answer your question? Etc…

  4. Silas Breese says:

    Hi Mr Woods

    My name is Silas Breese and I am and English student just about to begin grade 12 of the IB in Uganda. I have been reading your resources which have been extremely useful and I was wandering if you could help answer a question about my Extended essay in economics. My topic is investigating to what extent it may be possible for the Ugandan government to control the negative externalities of production on land in the Masindi region caused by oil exploration? Its about 3800 words up to now. However my question is about the relevance of my data to answering the question. While I have mentioned current efforts within the government to control the externalities, most of my data is proving that the externalities exist and relating them to oil. To bridge that to the research question I have used all of the economic course work and theories from class related to government policies and then questioned whether these will be applicable in uganda. While I have read that it is good to create the bridges between what you have learned and your specific situation, I am worried that I will be downgraded for having research which is not directly relevant to the research question itself. Could you help to answer my question? I (and i’m sure many other IB students) really appreciate the effort which you have gone to to help simplify aspects of the course so thank you for that.

    • Tim Woods says:

      Hi Silas. You wrote that, “most of [your] data is proving that the externalities exist and relating them to oil.” It’s possible that you have gone in the wrong direction a little bit. In general, I would recommend approaching this question like this: identify a recent (2 years ago?) government action to deal with the externalities, then explain the related course theory and (using your research) analyse the extent to which the government efforts have been successful. Be careful to not spend too much time explaining the problem. That kind of journalistic/descriptive stuff doesn’t earn many EE marks.

  5. Tim Woods says:

    Hi Won Jae. I wouldn’t worry about it too much at this point, for two reasons. 1) Your teacher will be helping you a lot –both to understand the various case studies you’ll use and also to develop your critical thinking skills. One of your classes (ToK) is completely dedicated to building your critical thinking skills. 2) The main thing about case studies is seeing how you can apply the various concepts you learned in class to the case. You might find it’s not as hard as you think. Have a great time in IB!

  6. Beyza Yanıkoğlu says:

    Thank you for creating such a great and helpful post about TOK presentation structure. It really helped and gave us some ideas about how to make this presentation. You are really a life saver. 🙂

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