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How To Beat Stress

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  “What single activity would keep you fascinated and motivated for the rest of your life?” Do you know what that would be? It’s not simply sitting on beach, doing nothing. Not for the rest of your life, every day. … Continue reading

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When Frasier Came to Town

One otherwise-average Friday afternoon my friend Arianne called from the Safeway two streets away. “Kelsey Grammer,” the famous actor from Frasier, “is coming!” I’m not sure if this gives you any sense of how small my hometown is? It’s small … Continue reading

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Your secret to a better life

A documentary on living happily recently aired on PBS. A lot of the clips from the show (called This Emotional Life) are available on YouTube (here). Here’s an interesting one on intimacy: This particular insight (from Elizabeth Gilbert) was interesting … Continue reading

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The Tim Commandments

These ‘’Commandments’’ are actually just life  lessons. They are reminders to myself about my favorite insights into how to keep myself happy and moving forward. 1) A clear target I’ve found it’s not enough to try hard, if you’re not … Continue reading

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The Music Video Reinvented

Check out this music video from the group Ok Go. Mesmerizing. Cool, huh? It reminds me of Feist’s 1234 video and the treadmill video –also by Ok Go. These guys have it figured out. There is something subtly compelling about … Continue reading

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The 7 Benefits of Creative Practice

Finding a way to be artistic can add tremendously to your quality of life. For most of us, much of our active time every day is dominated by task-completion-activities, things that aren’t particularly meaningful or important to us, but just have to get done. Creative practice is about making a time for meaning. Here are some benefits of a creative practice: Continue reading

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