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Fail your way to a billion dollars: life lessons from J.K. Rowling

Llloyd Jones (who tragically/hilariously failed to graduate university because of library fines) once said that ‘’the men who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed.’’ We’ve all heard a … Continue reading

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What teachers know

Today’s graduates face a new breed of challenges as they enter the workforce. They will confront messier, intractable problems such as climate change, global terrorism, antibiotic resistant diseases and persistent market weakness. The same technologies that empowered them as learners at the … Continue reading

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The secret of happiness (from Daniel Kahneman and Jerry Seinfeld)

I am by day a mild-mannered Economist, quietly correcting students’ supply and demand diagrams, discussing the long-term profit possibilities in oligopolies. But by night, I get to pursue my real passion in life: surfing –both channel and web. Sometimes I … Continue reading

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Inside the Mind of Roger Federer: The Mental Advantage of a Tennis Legend

I have been a fan of Roger Federer since I first saw him interviewed in 2003. I was struck then by his poise and his grace and the way he thinks about the game. And now, at just 27 years … Continue reading

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The Scientific Recipe for Greatness

Sixty years in the making a study of 268 Harvard graduates has identified seven primary factors that predict healthy physical and psychological living. Continue reading

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