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The Tim Commandments

These ‘’Commandments’’ are actually just life  lessons. They are reminders to myself about my favorite insights into how to keep myself happy and moving forward. 1) A clear target I’ve found it’s not enough to try hard, if you’re not … Continue reading

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The 7 Benefits of Creative Practice

Finding a way to be artistic can add tremendously to your quality of life. For most of us, much of our active time every day is dominated by task-completion-activities, things that aren’t particularly meaningful or important to us, but just have to get done. Creative practice is about making a time for meaning. Here are some benefits of a creative practice: Continue reading

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The Scientific Recipe for Greatness

Sixty years in the making a study of 268 Harvard graduates has identified seven primary factors that predict healthy physical and psychological living. Continue reading

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Goalism: The Dark-Side of Target-Setting

I love talking to people about their aspirations. I really do. But there is a dark side to goals and what we often think of as “motivation.” I have a lot of goals. Last week I confessed that I wanted to … Continue reading

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What’s Your Money Personality?

We don’t talk about this very much, but money is an emotional subject. It’s hard to be cooly logical about something so important. We want enough money, but we don’t have enough until we feel we have enough. And for … Continue reading

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