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110s – Expensive trainers that cost £110 or more.

2s me – share with me; give me half

411 – Gossip

5-O– Police

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Ah nam – tell on, rat on, tattle on.

Alie– synonym for innit (I agree)

Allow bredding – to allow copying, to allow cheating

Allow it – stop it

Amp – Hyping, being too much

Arms – to be really strong



Baggamanz (or bag) – Lots, as in “a bag of people”

Bait – You are obvious, or simple. As in, “You’re bait blud”

Bangin – sick/good

Bare – a lot of, very.

Bars – a rap song, part of a song, as in “spit some bars” (to sing something)

Bayden – rich, financially stable, solvent.

Beast – an adjective to describe something that’s really cool.

Beef – a hostile disagreement that may result in violence.

Bennin – to be in a state of extreme laughter. 


Chief – An unintelligent person; “look at dat chief man, finkin hes all bad.”

Chirps – chat up; talk to “we chirps some buff gals last night.”

Criss – good, sharp, new. almost onomatoepaeic as in ‘crisp’.

Chung – extremely good looking. If someone is described as “chung”, that’s better-looking than their “buff” friend.

Chirpsing – Flirting

Clappin‘ – out of date or worn out, usually to describe attire or accessories, as in “man, my tracksuit is clappin’. Gotta get down JJB Sport and buy a new one.” Also means tired out.

Cotch – to hang out, relax, chill out or sleep. Possibly derived, via patois, from the French “se coucher”, meaning to lie down. See also kotch.

Crepes – shoes or trainers: “check out deez heavy crepes.” assume its as you ‘wrap your feet’ in them.

Crump – A multi-purpose term which can be an insult, an exclamation and some other things as well. It generally means bad, but can also mean good, depending on the context: “that ain’t good man, it’s crump” or “that’s one crump message you left there”.

Crutterz– Mashed up, worn out “That car is crutterz”


Dash – To dash is to pass something to somebody – but it can be “pass” in the broadest possible sense, including to throw violently with the intention of causing hurt or damage.

Dred – dreadful, terrible, bad, cruel.

Drum – Home, humble abode.

Dry– dull, boring, unfunny. A bad joke might be described as “dry”.


Ends – Area, neighbourhood

Extra – Over the top, too much


Fam – Family, friends

Feds – police.

Flat roofin’ – to be overworked and stressed, as in “I was flat roofin for my GCSEs”. Probably comes from flat out.

From ends– one who is “from the streets” or from our area, so knows what’s going on.


Garms (Galms) – clothing.

Gas (or Raps) – extremely fast e.g dave is raps, he’s a gas man.

Ginuls/jinels – fixed up or conned by someone/something, or, used to describe something that is a con: ” dem phones 4 u deals are a jinels”. Also to “bump”.

Giving air – Ignoring someone

Grimy – Good, or may describe a practical joke or amusing act.

Gyaldem – Girls


Heads – People (i.e. Bare heads means lots of people)

Hoodies – Guys on the street

Hype – Too much. Hyping means acting in a way that’s over the top.

Hubz (or Hubby)- boyfriend

Hype – Over the top

Hench – Musclar

Hectic – Good


In-it (Innit) – Short for “isn’t it”, often put at the end of sentences for effect

Is-it – Really?

Inner – Describes someone who is too nosey


Jack – To take, as in “He jacked my food.”

Jakes – Police on foot

Jam – Relax

Jokes – funny or enjoyable, as in “that party was jokes”.


Kotch – sit and chill out. See also cotch.


Link – to meet someone, to hook up with them. Also link.

Lips – to kiss

Long – a task that involves more effort than the object is worth. To be complex, time consuming or arduous in nature

Lush – good-looking

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Mandem – A good friend, in a group of boys.

Manz – Refers to oneself

Mash – A firearm

Mash Man – A gunman

Mashing – Intercourse. Also mesh.

Marvin – Hungry

Merk – This word originally meant to kill someone, but now it means to insult someone.

Militant – Meaning stern, difficult or hard


Nang – Good

Next man – Someone who isn’t involved, a random person

Not bothered– Someone who is not interested in something, or in doing something


On top – when a situation is out of control.

Off the hook – cool, appealing, fresh, exceeding one’s expectations. A phrase much over-used by Maxwell in Big Brother to express appreciation for his surroundings.

Older – an older kid who has your back

Owned – to be made a fool of.


Peng – Good looking

Po-po – Police

Pow Pow(similar to Brap Brap) – Representing oneself well, bigging it up


Reh teh teh – Etc, etc

Rents – parents

Rinsed – overused, used up, all gone. “That song was rinsed, I don’t like it anymore.”

Roll with – hang out with

Rude boy(or rudeboi) – a badman, a person who is hardened by the street


Safe – cool, good, sweet. (Also Safa can be the coolest of the cool, superlative version of safe).

Seckle – Settle down

Shabby – cool, smart, “da bomb”. As in “that’s a well shabby suit.”

Shook – nervous

Shot – to sell

Sick – interesting, cool, never seen before. The more sick something is, the better.

Slipped – Went into the wrong area, where you don’t belong

Skeen – I see

Squalay – To leave

Standard – goes without saying; of course

Swag – extreme, scary

Switch– to turn on someone.


Taxed – Stealing

Teething – Stealing

Ticked – Borrowed

Tight – Cheap

Tingsing – To flirt or hit on

Tonk – Muscular or big people

Tourist – A clueless person

Treck – Something far away

Trident – Armed police

Tune – Music

Two twos – A couple, as in “Two twos are in the pen” (A couple of guys are in prison.)Tell over (or told over) – to rat on someone, to tattle.


Vexed – irritated, angry. An old word, it has gained new currency, as demonstrated by Science in Big Brother to express his annoyance with some triviality or other.


Wag-One (wah’gwan) – short for ‘what’s goin onn’, what’s happening

Wettin – Running

Watch – Be careful; dont mess with me.

Wicked – cool

Wifey – Girlfriend

Whip– car


Yard – house, garden, where one lives and hangs out.

Younger – Sibling, someone younger than you; someone you protect

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