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110s - Expensive trainers that cost £110 or more.

2s me – share with me; give me half

411 – Gossip

5-O- Police

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Ah nam – tell on, rat on, tattle on.

Alie- synonym for innit (I agree)

Allow bredding – to allow copying, to allow cheating

Allow it – stop it

Amp - Hyping, being too much

Arms - to be really strong



Baggamanz (or bag) – Lots, as in “a bag of people”

Bait – You are obvious, or simple. As in, “You’re bait blud”

Bangin – sick/good

Bare – a lot of, very.

Bars – a rap song, part of a song, as in “spit some bars” (to sing something)

Bayden – rich, financially stable, solvent.

Beast – an adjective to describe something that’s really cool.

Beef – a hostile disagreement that may result in violence.

Bennin – to be in a state of extreme laughter. 


Chief – An unintelligent person; “look at dat chief man, finkin hes all bad.”

Chirps – chat up; talk to “we chirps some buff gals last night.”

Criss – good, sharp, new. almost onomatoepaeic as in ‘crisp’.

Chung – extremely good looking. If someone is described as “chung”, that’s better-looking than their “buff” friend.

Chirpsing – Flirting

Clappin‘ – out of date or worn out, usually to describe attire or accessories, as in “man, my tracksuit is clappin’. Gotta get down JJB Sport and buy a new one.” Also means tired out.

Cotch – to hang out, relax, chill out or sleep. Possibly derived, via patois, from the French “se coucher”, meaning to lie down. See also kotch.

Crepes – shoes or trainers: “check out deez heavy crepes.” assume its as you ‘wrap your feet’ in them.

Crump – A multi-purpose term which can be an insult, an exclamation and some other things as well. It generally means bad, but can also mean good, depending on the context: “that ain’t good man, it’s crump” or “that’s one crump message you left there”.

Crutterz- Mashed up, worn out “That car is crutterz”


Dash – To dash is to pass something to somebody – but it can be “pass” in the broadest possible sense, including to throw violently with the intention of causing hurt or damage.

Dred – dreadful, terrible, bad, cruel.

Drum – Home, humble abode.

Dry- dull, boring, unfunny. A bad joke might be described as “dry”.


Ends - Area, neighbourhood

Extra - Over the top, too much


Fam - Family, friends

Feds – police.

Flat roofin’ – to be overworked and stressed, as in “I was flat roofin for my GCSEs”. Probably comes from flat out.

From ends- one who is “from the streets” or from our area, so knows what’s going on.


Garms (Galms) – clothing.

Gas (or Raps) – extremely fast e.g dave is raps, he’s a gas man.

Ginuls/jinels – fixed up or conned by someone/something, or, used to describe something that is a con: ” dem phones 4 u deals are a jinels”. Also to “bump”.

Giving air – Ignoring someone

Grimy - Good, or may describe a practical joke or amusing act.

Gyaldem - Girls


Heads - People (i.e. Bare heads means lots of people)

Hoodies - Guys on the street

Hype - Too much. Hyping means acting in a way that’s over the top.

Hubz (or Hubby)- boyfriend

Hype - Over the top

Hench - Musclar

Hectic - Good


In-it (Innit) – Short for “isn’t it”, often put at the end of sentences for effect

Is-it – Really?

Inner - Describes someone who is too nosey


Jack - To take, as in “He jacked my food.”

Jakes - Police on foot

Jam - Relax

Jokes - funny or enjoyable, as in “that party was jokes”.


Kotch - sit and chill out. See also cotch.


Link - to meet someone, to hook up with them. Also link.

Lips - to kiss

Long - a task that involves more effort than the object is worth. To be complex, time consuming or arduous in nature

Lush - good-looking

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Mandem – A good friend, in a group of boys.

Manz – Refers to oneself

Mash – A firearm

Mash Man – A gunman

Mashing – Intercourse. Also mesh.

Marvin – Hungry

Merk – This word originally meant to kill someone, but now it means to insult someone.

Militant – Meaning stern, difficult or hard


Nang - Good

Next man – Someone who isn’t involved, a random person

Not bothered- Someone who is not interested in something, or in doing something


On top – when a situation is out of control.

Off the hook – cool, appealing, fresh, exceeding one’s expectations. A phrase much over-used by Maxwell in Big Brother to express appreciation for his surroundings.

Older – an older kid who has your back

Owned - to be made a fool of.


Peng - Good looking

Po-po – Police

Pow Pow(similar to Brap Brap) – Representing oneself well, bigging it up


Reh teh teh – Etc, etc

Rents - parents

Rinsed - overused, used up, all gone. “That song was rinsed, I don’t like it anymore.”

Roll with – hang out with

Rude boy(or rudeboi) – a badman, a person who is hardened by the street


Safe – cool, good, sweet. (Also Safa can be the coolest of the cool, superlative version of safe).

Seckle - Settle down

Shabby – cool, smart, “da bomb”. As in “that’s a well shabby suit.”

Shook – nervous

Shot - to sell

Sick – interesting, cool, never seen before. The more sick something is, the better.

Slipped – Went into the wrong area, where you don’t belong

Skeen - I see

Squalay – To leave

Standard - goes without saying; of course

Swag – extreme, scary

Switch- to turn on someone.


Taxed – Stealing

Teething – Stealing

Ticked – Borrowed

Tight – Cheap

Tingsing – To flirt or hit on

Tonk – Muscular or big people

Tourist – A clueless person

Treck – Something far away

Trident – Armed police

Tune – Music

Two twos – A couple, as in “Two twos are in the pen” (A couple of guys are in prison.)Tell over (or told over) – to rat on someone, to tattle.


Vexed - irritated, angry. An old word, it has gained new currency, as demonstrated by Science in Big Brother to express his annoyance with some triviality or other.


Wag-One (wah’gwan) – short for ‘what’s goin onn’, what’s happening

Wettin - Running

Watch – Be careful; dont mess with me.

Wicked – cool

Wifey – Girlfriend

Whip– car


Yard - house, garden, where one lives and hangs out.

Younger – Sibling, someone younger than you; someone you protect

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