About Tim 

I started my teaching career, as many of us do, in some very challenging situations. My wife and I spent 5 years teaching in rough, inner-city schools. For a few years we would walk to and from school, every day, regardless of the weather, even though it took an hour each way, because we needed that time to de-stress and emotionally prepare. Weekends never lasted long enough.   

Eventually, we took the plunge, moved out of our comfort zones and into international schools. It was life changing. Suddenly we were well-paid, well-treated and we felt valued. I will never forget how good I felt to teach amazing lessons to students who always listened and asked thoughtful questions. And then, at lunch time we got to eat beautiful, free food every day and they paid our rent! 😊 We were so relieved and grateful. We relaxed, travelled, learned a lot and we grew as teachers. 

When it was time for my Master's degree (in 2007) I decided to do an MBA, specializing in school management. This led to some really interesting work supporting teachers around the world, both online and in person. I kept teaching full-time (and growing my business during school holidays) until 2020 when I started helping teachers (and some students) full time over Zoom from my home in Canada.

Being the Teaching Career Guy lets me support teachers every day --helping them to not only get better jobs, but also find work that is more fulfilling, impactful and enjoyable. 



Some Relevant Key Facts

  • My resources for teachers and students are used by around 120,000 people every month.
  • I helped to create a new department for the Ministry of Human Resources in British Columbia, Canada.
  • I've personally hired around 200 people, mostly before I started teaching.
  • I have given human resources, team development and strategy support to governments, NGOs, IGOs (including the UN) and some major corporations (including a $40 Billion IT and telecommunication services company).
  • In 2016 I completed 700 hours of supervised coaching sessions, to complete my ICF Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) status.
  • During our 17 year full-time teaching careers, my wife and I taught in North America, Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.