I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that you can always come back to. I recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!

My Grade Calculator Calculates all possible percentages for your test.
A list of knowledge issues for different subjects compiled by teachers at the Overseas Family School

Theory of Knowledge
The (very popular!) TOK Essay Structure
How to fix the most common TOK Essay problems  Helps you fix common mistakes
10 Good TOK Essay tips
The basics of how your essay is marked
A Downloadable Essay Outline A PDF worksheet

The Foolproof Econ Essay Structure to help you get full marks in the time allowed
99 Great Economics resources Podcasts, Research Sources, Advice pages, etc.
I recommend listening to the Planet Money Podcast

Business and Management
How to Structure Your IB Business and Management IA
How to Evaluate in IB Business and Management
An IB Business and Management IA Outline
I recommend listening to the Motley Fool Weekly Podcast

Extended Essays
My four steps to help you choose a perfect EE question

General Advice for Students
What students should know about differentiation
Advice for writing amazing college application essays and statements
Tips for raising your grades
How to manage your time
Advice for taking killer notes
How to cite your sources
How to write like an expert
How to master any field (deliberate practice)  (This is powerful stuff. 

Personal Finance
My advice for preparing for retirement.
Andrew Hallam’s blog. He uses index funds to invest

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