The Enterprise Approach to Education


1In real life we don’t start with clear problems. Like tangled knots we have to choose a problem to attack. One little knot at a time. For example, how exactly does this situation differ from what we’d like it to be? Find something reasonably distinct.



2When we’re clear on our end target we can start to design possible solutions. Be as free with this part as you can be. Break some rules. The more we travel off the normal paths of your thinking the more likely we are to find new insights.



3Only in math does solving a problem end with solving the problem. Making change happen (and stick) is a skill we only learn with practice. What will it take to convince people we’re right? And who do we need to convince? This, like all the other steps, is an art.



4Failure is part of it too. Even when we succeed we fail. Or at least we come to realize the next problem standing there. Reflect. What did we learn? What would we do differently next time? What should be our new priority? Begin the process again.