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Indu Bedi


I am genuinely grateful for Tim's insight and intellectual ability, but also his ability to balance this with kindness and empathy. I gain so much from our conversations.

Jeff Woodrow

This Is

He helped me clarify my thinking in a way I couldn't have done without him and I am so grateful for his help. Coaching with Tim gave me so much confidence.

Rich Fisher

I thoroughly recommend the experience. I hope we get the chance to work with Tim again, in the future, for additional group or individual coaching.

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There are 2 ways to book 


1. You can quickly book a session (45 minutes) by choosing a time on the calendar below. This is fast 🚀 and it’s the most popular option for new clients. It's also a handy way to check when Tim is available.

2. Or, you can purchase a bundle of sessions, using these links. Book a 4-pack (save $15), a 10-pack (save $50), a 20-pack (save $150). Bundles are slightly cheaper and you won’t have to purchase each session individually, so it’s the most popular option for returning clients. 🏆

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Use this Quick-Booking Calendar to quickly choose a 45 minute session. ➡️

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Tim can help you:

  • Create a successful new venture, which also improves your work life balance. 🛫
  • Develop a personal brand and a communication strategy that shows your true value to prospective clients. 
  • Make important decisions and build an approach to work that aligns with your deepest priorities. 💡

  • Develop a business development plan, to manage all of the steps required to create a real, successful business of your own. 🎯

  • Help you choose which of your ideas to pursue and how to present your products or services successfully. 

  • Communicate your strengths and skills to current and prospective employers and clients. 😊

  • Use more effective approaches to prepare for sales or interview situations. 🚀
  • Advance your work-life, making better use of the resources and opportunities available to you. 

  • Feel supported rediscovering or redefining your goals. 
  • Navigate uncertainty and handle stressful situations. 🛟

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